Friday, July 19, 2013

Contact Form and Advanced Search Revised

Contact Form

If you have sent us a message via the contact form at between July 14th and 19th, and have not received a reply, please do contact us again. The form stopped working due to a change on the mail server side, causing messages to be delivered 3 days later, or not at all. The new form has been tested and appears to be working fine.

Advanced Search

I have added an additional Google site search box to the Advanced Search page, to allow for searching of the webpages in the site.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Added Squall Star Drag reels and parts to the catalog

EDIT: 8/10/22 revisions made on the SQL25N, SQL30 and SQL40 schematics All schematics updated and re-uploaded ~Mo

Squall Star Drag series Models SQL25N, SQL30 and SQL40 have been added to the catalog's Penn Parts Dept. Some of the parts are not yet available. Schematics have been posted.

The reels are also available for purchase at this time in the Fishing Dept. of our online catalog.