Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Images are a work in progress atm

 Hi all

December 2022 and I've finally deleted ALL of the catalog product images from their old location on the scottsbt.com site.

I'd already moved the files from there to mysticparts.com

I've already edited a ton of image file links over to mysticparts.com

But deleting the old scottsbt files means you'll see a lot of those little icons that show an image link is there but you can't view the file because it's moved.

I am in the process of working my way through and changing over all of the links.

If there isn't an little icon or it's blank, that part doesn't HAVE any photo yet. That is also a long term work in progress, but you can use the contact us link at the bottom of the MysticParts.com website to request a photo be taken if the item is in stock, if you absolutely must see an image first.

Please be patient as always. 

Thanks! ~Mo

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Slammer IV Spinning Reels, Specs, Parts and Schematics online

Penn Slammer IV

Penn's Slammer IV series is completely set up in our site as of 9/24/22

I've finished re-revising our MRP versions of the schematics with errors/changes by Penn and our added notes for each reel. Corrected some of my own errors from the first upload as well.

Slammer IV specs page with links to parts sections, schematics and owners manual (Penn's generic spinning reel manual):


Slammer IV Reel section:



Slammer IV DX is being done as a separate grouping so that's next for our MRP version of schematics etc.

Parts for the DX are already online


~Mo, Parts & Tech Support

Sunday, August 14, 2022

SQUALL ii Star Drags fully online

SQUALL ii Star Drags fully online

Squall II Star Drag series parts sections
With the MRP version of schematics uploaded this week 8/10/22

Reel Specs page

Reels online to order
(by special order if Penn has them, not currently in stock here)

~Mo, Parts & Tech Support

Friday, July 8, 2022

SCHEMATIC REVISIONS: Penn General Purpose Levelwind 9, 9LH, 109, 109LH, 209, 209LH, 209LC and 309

SCHEMATIC REVISIONS: Penn General Purpose Levelwind 9, 9LH, 109, 109LH, 209, 209LH, 209LC and 309  1

 Currently revising from Penn's most recent schematic revisions

Adding all the design change notes etc.to our MRP schematic pdf files


UPDATED   9, 9M, 9F, 9S, 9MF, 9MS Peerless Monofil
UPDATED   9-LH, 9M-LH Peerless Monofil (Left Hand)
UPDATED   109, 109M, 109F, 109S, 109MF, 109MS Peer Monofil
UPDATED   109-LH, 109M-LH Peer Monofil (Left Hand)
UPDATED   209, 209M Peer Monofil Sr.
UPDATED    209-LH, 209M-LH Peer Monofil Sr. (Left Hand)
UPDATED   209LC Line Counter Peer Monofil Sr.
UPDATED   309M Super Peer
One of the big changes over time for these was in the 209LC gearing (RATIO 3.2:1) being backwards compatible. As Conversion Kit for: 25, 26, 27, 155L, 160L, 180, 209M (Original gearing was (RATIO 3:01) 

LH 155-LH and 209M-LH reels, teeth counts updated (with the parts links like in the conversions) on all gear notes in descriptions https://www.mysticparts.com/PennParts/Parts/5-155LH.aspx (RATIO 3:01) https://www.mysticparts.com/PennParts/Parts/13-155LH.aspx (RATIO 3:01) https://www.mysticparts.com/PennParts/Parts/5-209LC-LH.aspx (RATIO 3.2:1) https://www.mysticparts.com/PennParts/Parts/13-209LC-LH.aspx (RATIO 3.2:1) 

LH 155-LH and 209M-LH reels teeth counts updated in the conversion info

and kit for the 209LC gearing

So I fleshed out the notes on our schematics and online so it's basically everywhere it would need to be to be seen.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Schematics: Slammer III, SLAiii Spinning Reels - Revisions Done to .pdfs


10/8/22 corrections to the SLA550, SLA6500, SLA6500HS MRP versions of schematics for part key #22a, see schematics. Also reformatted the layouts for clarity on all the pdf files. ~Mo

11/2019  Updated from Penn's most recent schematic revisions

MRP versions will reflect design changes, corrections and known problems.

There's a big set of changes in these because they changed the entire bail system after a couple of early runs. ~Mo