Sunday, April 1, 2018

Re-Branding: Hello Mystic Reel Parts LLC!


After some thought, we've decided to rebrand our parts business.

Our new parts business name will be Mystic Reel Parts LLC
The website will be

This will allow us at some point in the future to branch out and add more lines of parts if we choose to do so. Our previous name of would be too limiting.

Mystic Reel Parts LLC still currently associated with Scott's Bait & Tackle as a sub department. Address remains the same (until we move it to the other building) and phone is still 609-296-1300 ext 1

Please update your bookmarks to and thank you so much for your patience while we are undergoing the changes!

~Mo, Scott & Crew

Website domains have been purchased and forwarded. will be changing over once they are established.

Please bear with us while we are "Under Construction!"