Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Able 7 Catalog Known Issues and Troubleshooting

Shipping rates not displaying

Customers who are still experiancing the shipping method error, please be patient while we try to figure this one out.

Item Weights: There is an issue where ultra-light items, such as washers and springs, are so light in weight that USPS/UPS are not registering them and will not return shipping rates. We are currently working on a solution to this problem. UPDATE: We found a fix for this, so basic shipping rates should display for lightweight items now. UPS may not display but USPS will.

USPS Timout: If the USPS system fails to respond promptly it will cause ours to time out. The time out causes UPS rates to not load either. If you don't see USPS or any rates at all, try refreshing the browser or give it a few minutes and try to checkout again.

Territories: US territories are currently only displaying USPS rates (PR, GU, VI, MP, AS, FM, MH). Make sure that you format your address as "PR, United States" etc. We are working on a solution that will also all UPS ptions to display, but at least we reversed the problem so that the cheaper USPS rates are displaying and are displaying for all the provinces listed.

Countries: There are some countries that we do NOT ship to. See the list in the Shipping FAQ

Old Order(s) Not displaying in My Account screen

There were some problems during the record transfers from the old Able 5 system to the new Able 7 system. The first two attempts lost entire order records in chunks. The last attempt appears to have brought over all the order records, but not all of the records are still connected to the user's profile, so they are in the system, but not displaying in the user account. There is nothing that we can do to correct this, but we still have access to the orders from the admin side if needed.

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