Thursday, May 31, 2012

SQL12/SQL15 Squall Star Drag

Our schematics have been updated to reflect small changes (mostly typos) based on Penn's Rev. 3 of the schematics

The only real change that I can see is still likely a typo correction. Key #46 was originally listed as 46-4300 (1183567) and is now listed as 46A-4300 (1183585), and I have confirmed that 46A-4300 is the correct screw for the side plate.

An older note that was already updated in Rev. 2, but I will also mention it here just for reference: On Rev. 0 of these schematics, there was key #39, part #39-525mag2
As of Rev. 2, this part is renumbered key #32A and part #32-310

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