Saturday, March 16, 2019

Links in section headers and specs pages repaired.

I'm repairing broken links/image files throughout the catalog. This post will be ongoing rather than making separate posts for this update. This is fixing links from over to Also revising older specs page formats to newer, adding any missing image files that I can find, etc.

Just going to list the ones that I've finished in blocks, with one link to the start of where I was working that day.

I'm making this my primary focus until it's completed..I keep getting sidetracked by other projects and can't leave these links/images broken anymore. Apologies for the delay in fixing catalog function!
~Mo, Web-Parts-Sales
3/18/19 At least I didn't get too far in on editing the specs page to a newer layout before I realized that the newer template we'd put together a couple of years ago wasn't dynamic. That means on smaller screens it was just cutting off the specs info. So now I'm revising that to a dynamic setup that should resize. This'll put me behind, but glad that I caught it on 8 pages in. Oops.

Completed 3/17/19:

Conflict II

Completed 3/16/19:

Captiva II
Captiva Live Liner

Completed prior:

Battle II

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