Sunday, September 8, 2013

Older Senator Schematics updated

Older Senator schematics updated with notes about the old outside access drags and the older, thicker drag washer stacks, where applicable. I didn't add notes to the 110 or 111, as I think those had leather washers rather than the thicker asbestos/fiberglass washers, and never had the outside drags, to my knowledge at this time. I added notes about these older parts to the oldest version of schematic that we had for each model.
    Schematics/versions updated:
    113 with Posts
    113H with Posts 1989
    113HL with Posts 1989
    113HLW with Posts 1989
    114 with Posts
    114H with Posts

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fathom Star Drag

Added the owners manual to the website for the Fathom Star Drag reels, including the extra page from Penn's site detailing how to adjust the Centrifugal Brake.

Today I will also be working on adding photos of the Fathom SD reels to the system as well.