Saturday, July 4, 2015

UPDATED 114HL Schematic

UPDATES to Schematics today

Added information to drawing and parts list regarding the two different frames and the differences in the stands and stand screws.

Updated Schematics Today

UPDATES to Schematics today
60, 60-LH, 65, 66-67-68 (Measure!), 125, 505HS, 506HS, 970, 980, 990

To replace the click tongue on models where it is peened into place, use a dremel drill with a fine tip to remove the old click tongue and click button. Then peen the new 36-209 into place.

On older 66, 67 and 68 reels a 36-60CH may be required. It measures .248 (roughly 1/4 inch) from just under the cap to the edge of the dropdown.
The 36-209 measures .283 (roughly 1/16 inch longer) Penn may have changed the 27-66 plate at some point, although there are no notes to that effect.

Any reel that uses the 36-209 can use:
36N-209 w/ 69B-600 removable c clip
This newer style is held by the clip instead of being peened in place.

Notes have be added in the appropriate parts online, as well.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Updated Defiance Schematics DFN20LW,DFN25LW, DFN30, DFN40LW

UPDATES to Schematics today

8A-DFN20LW Washer, Tension, Rectangular w/bent ends

We assigned this part number to the part found in the early run models of these reels.

As of June 2015, Penn has informed us that it is not used on later runs of the reels and is not required. They are not assigning it part number or making it available to order as a result.