Thursday, March 30, 2017

21-66A Custom Aluminum levers now available from Maxed Out

Custom Made Penn part by Maxed Out.

"This project was such a no brainer it is beyond silly. We are still using a shift lever designed in the 1930's by Otto Henze, the founder of Penn reels. Fast forward 85 years and it's time for something new...."
  • The "tank top" shift levers are 100% CNC machined from a solid piece of 6061 aluminum.
  • Low profile to accommodate even bent/offset style reel handles.
  • Comes with two o-rings to fit in the grooves of the knob for better grip.
  • Also includes a spacer washer to go between the nut and the lever to prevent electrolysis.
  • Fits all reels that use the standard 21-66 lever.
  • Colors chosen to match most modern aluminum upgrade colors.


110, 111, 112, 113, 113L2, 113-LH, 113H, 113H-LH, 113H2, 113H2-LH, 113H2LW, 113H2SP, 113HL, 113HLW, 113HSP, 125, 250, 259, 267, 268, 500, 500L-LH, 500S, 501, 66, 67, 68, 78, 99



A replacement for the Squidder dog springs 14C-140-SUB now in stock!