Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spring 2012 list of updates so far

List of recent updates to the website:
  • 5/12/12: 8-60 Washer Penn has started making these with a black finish, touched with some kind of lube.
  • 5/12/12: Notes added to 4200SS and 4300SS parts section regarding 39N- shaft changes.
  • 5/12/12: 910, 920, 930, 940 schematics updated to show design changes and notes.
  • 5/11/12: Added more owners manuals online for reels that didn't have them listed yet.
  • 5/10/12: 50VSX Design Change Plates and Lugs
  • 5/6/12-5/8/12: Specs pages also have owners manuals added.
  • 5/5/12: Repair Info added to top navigation bar and entire section reorganized with new side bar menus.
  • 5/4/12: Penn Parts Dept. - Reel list pages - beginning to merger owners manual list into these pages as well, so that everything is in one accessible page.
  • 5/4/12: Penn Parts Dept. - Reel list pages new version activated. Specs pages for reels also all redesigned.
  • 5/3/12: Schematics updated/corrected: 113HLW 1989, 113HL 1989 and 550SSg
  • 4/11/12: Reel Service - reopened the service page, we are again accepting Penn reels for repair.
  • 4/7/12: Reel Care & Repair section: Conventionl Reel Repair Photo Walk-Throughs - Fathom 40LW, 60LW posted
  • March 2012: Updating and reformating all reel specs pages and redesigning the reel lists to match.
  • 2/26/12: 349, 349H, 349HC, 117L, 117L-LH and 118 schematics corrected with notations
  • It's not a complete list, as there are many smaller changes that are made on a daily basis to the website that may not be posted here.

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