Saturday, July 4, 2015

Updated Schematics Today

UPDATES to Schematics today
60, 60-LH, 65, 66-67-68 (Measure!), 125, 505HS, 506HS, 970, 980, 990

To replace the click tongue on models where it is peened into place, use a dremel drill with a fine tip to remove the old click tongue and click button. Then peen the new 36-209 into place.

On older 66, 67 and 68 reels a 36-60CH may be required. It measures .248 (roughly 1/4 inch) from just under the cap to the edge of the dropdown.
The 36-209 measures .283 (roughly 1/16 inch longer) Penn may have changed the 27-66 plate at some point, although there are no notes to that effect.

Any reel that uses the 36-209 can use:
36N-209 w/ 69B-600 removable c clip
This newer style is held by the clip instead of being peened in place.

Notes have be added in the appropriate parts online, as well.

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